During the last days we were asked a couple of times to translate the article Das HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET into english. So here we go with our first article in english.

You need a HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET to send and receive HTML from your own address, to create Smart Contracts and for Staking as well as Mining. It is based on the QT Wallet. This guide will help you to understand the basics how to execute (multiple) Wallets simultaneously.


Download the latest version of the HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET here:

When the installation is complete, run the setup. It is recommended to use the default installation directory. After clicking „Next“ a couple of times the setup should be completed. The Wallet should start automatically. After synchronizing it should look like this:

A newborn HTMLCOIN CORE Wallet

Receive and Send HTMLCOINS

To receive HTMLCOIN, click on „Receive“. You have the option to type anything in „description“ and „message“, now click
You should be able to see a QR- Code and some information. You just created your first HTML address.
The address is displayed in the table.
Received HTML are listed in „Overview“ and „Transactions“.
A transaction is accepted after 10 confirmations. After 500 confirmations the Staking can start.
To send Coins, select „Send“. Add a HTML adress as a receiver and choose the amount you want to transact. It is also possible to send a message and a description. In this example I send 10 HTML (unless the transaction charges) as a donation for this tutorial to this address: HWPJeBU4PBfxTQxAAHqS1zPEyqv5ppdLkZ
Unlock Wallet
If the wallet is encrypted you have to enter the passphrase you chose for encrypting. More on this later.
Confirm HTML transaction
Now check the transaction and confirm.
HTMLCOIN transactions
If we look at the transaction section we can see that our HTMLCOINS are sent, but not confirmed yet. Just like after sending HTMLCOINS, 10 confirmations are necessary to confirm the transaction.

Encrypt and secure (Backup)

By klicking „Settings> Encrypt Wallet“ it is possible to encrypt the Wallet. Choose a passphrase as long as possible, containing numbers and special characters.
Encrypt HTMLCOIN wallet
Confirm the encryption with „Yes“ and restart your Wallet. After the encryption all the unencyrpted Backups are outdated. To create a new backup choose „File > Backup Wallet“. Always handle your Backup as safe as your Wallet!

Problem solving

As far as I know there´s only one returning problem: „My wallet is not synchronizing! Stuck with 0 connections and nothing works. What should I do?“ It seems like the Wallet is not synchronizing, so the blockchain isn´t downloading. In this case follow these steps:

  1. Copy „wallet.dat“, within the default installation it should be here: %APPDATA%\Roaming\HTMLCOIN\ (Windows) or Library/Application Support/HTMLCOIN/ (Mac) aThe folder „AppData“ is hidden by default. Open your user folder and follow this instruction: Windows 7Windows 10
     You can find screenshots of this folder in the section „Mining and Staking“
  2. Delete the folder „HTMLCOIN“ and deinstall the Wallet
  3. Restart your computer (Important!)
  4. Reinstall your Wallet Restart your Wallet and wait for a couple of minutes so it can establish connections
  5. The Wallet needs to synchronize completely
  6. Close the Wallet
  7. Open the folder %APPDATA%\Roaming\HTMLCOIN\ (Windows) or Library/Application Support/HTMLCOIN/ (Mac) again
  8. Tausche jetzt die „wallet.dat“ in dem Ordner mit der in Punkt 1 gespeicherten „wallet.dat“ aus
  9. Exchange the file „wallet.dat“ within the folder with „wallet.dat“ we saved in the first point.

You are facing a different problem? Leave me a message via the contact form.

Short notice at this point – I would be really thankful about a donation for this HTML F.A.Q. This is my HTML address: HWPJeBU4PBfxTQxAAHqS1zPEyqv5ppdLkZ

Mining and Staking with a HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET


For each compiled block you gain 1250 HTMLCOIN.

1250 HTML * 30 Sats = USD $6.22 (6. January, 2018)

With every device that´s mining I find a block every 1-2 days. When the HTMLCOIN is at 300 Satoshi, that means 62$ for every block at an actual rate of around 15.500$. If the bitcoin rate doubles within this time, we mine 124$ with every block.
Get your old laptops and computers from the attic and start!


When Staking you get credited 1250 HTML in various intervals. You can see an approximate duration until your next credit, if you hover over the arrow on the right corner. A black arrow means, you are staking. The estimated duration is quite inaccurate though. Once I got HTML after 4o minutes, sometimes it takes one or two days.


Before starting mining, create another address.
Click „Help > Debug window“. Open the tab „Console“.
HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET Mining - generate generatetoaddress
Enter the command generatetoaddress 101 HYofTtDpjYxn5mDUAMFN72J9kd2yLQUVaW 999999. Exchange my Mining address with yours. Otherwise your mined coins will be taken into my account. Note: With the function generatetoaddress it happened twice to me that I found a block, but didn´t get reward. I changed to use the function generate 101 999999999. The Syntax: The 101 stands for the maximum number of the blocks that shall be found in each executed function. The 9 defines the duration (as a simple explanation).
HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET Mining - generate generatetoaddress
The square brackets indicate that no block has been found. If a block is found, one or more combination of characters are displayed between the brackets.
HTMLCOIN CORE WALLET Mining - generate generatetoaddress
Extend the command by three ninesgeneratetoaddress 101 HYofTtDpjYxn5mDUAMFN72J9kd2yLQUVaW 999999999 und dann erneut abschicken. Mit der Pfeiltaste nach oben kannst du den letzten Befehl wieder aufrufen. Diesen wiederhole ich dann 10 bis 20 mal und lasse das Wallet dann laufen. Wie du mehrere Wallets parallel minen lassen kannst, erkläre ich im nächsten Abschnitt. and send it again. You can review your last command by using the arrow keys. I repeat this procedure 10 – 20 times and keep the Wallet runnning. If you want to have multiple Wallets mining at the same time, keep up to the next chapter.

Short notice at this point – I would be really thankful about a donation for this HTMLCOIN F.A.Q.. This is my HTML Address:

Multiple Wallets / Using various Wallets simoultaneously

An open Wallet is gaining blocks with only one processor core, so it is a good way run multiple Wallets at the same time. Here´s an instruction.

Multiple HTMLCOIN wallets
At first you copy the shortcut. Right- hand click on the copied item and go to „Properties“.
Multiple HTMLCOIN wallets
As a destination you type "C:\Program Files (x86)\HTMLCOIN2\htmlcoin-qt.exe" --datadir="C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Roaming\HTMLCOIN2"(double quotes) Exchange the Name „Stefan“ with your username. Press OK.
Multiple HTMLCOIN wallets
Open C:\Users\Stefan\AppData\Roaming\ (exchange the username again) and make a copy of the folder „HTMLCOIN“. Name the copy „HTMLCOIN2“ and open the folder.
Multiple HTMLCOIN wallets
Now delete the file „wallet.dat“ to have your second wallet self-contained. By doing this a new „wallet.dat“ will be created at the first run.
Multiple HTMLCOIN wallets
You can run a second Wallet now. When using a 2-core-processor, I run two Wallets. When using a 4-core, I use 3 Wallets and 7 Wallets when using an 8- Core Processor.

Short notice at this point – I would be really thankful about a donation for this HTMLCOIN F.A.Q.. This is my HTML Address:


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